Non-Boring Mobility Innovations 2024

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The 2024 edition includes 11 brand new thought-provoking essays by talented urban planning students of the University of Amsterdam, who delve into the complexities of modern transportation systems. This captivating compilation challenges conventional wisdom and presents fresh ideas to redefine the way we think about mobility and our streets.

This includes both EPUB (recommended) and PDF formats.

Note: "Non-Boring Mobility Innovations" (published in 2023) contains different essays by students of the previous year.

Essays Include:

  • Rethinking Urban Transport Planning by Prof. Marco te Brömmelstroet & Dr. George Liu
  • Rethinking the Norwegian EV strategy and enabling transitions towards the 15-minute city by Olle Berggren
  • How Sustainability Challenges the Conventional Narrative of Mobility: A Departure from Neoclassical Transport Perspectives by Jesse Brand
  • Urban transportation: challenging the dominant narrative for transformational change by Floris Jan Grutterink
  • Changing the way you experience traveling, starting with your ride-hail app of choice by Joost Glas
  • Pedalling Through Inequality: Rethinking the Need for Mobility in Santiago, Chile by Fleur Hessing
  • Biking around the block: Examining alternative narratives to urban cycling mobility thinking by Matthijs van den Hooff
  • From Homo Economicus to Homo Ecologicus: Mobility as Exchange by Môri Jones
  • Capitalism and Mobility – exploring alternative narratives through MaaS by Santiago Meneses
  • Following the Yellow Brick Road: Child Road Safety Initiatives and the Right to City Streets by Freya Peers
  • Narratives and Mobility Landscapes: An Exploration of Urban Societies, Narrative Seeds, and the Mobile Service Hub Experiment by Jenée Spoor
  • Nurturing a collective neighborhood: Transforming Mobility-as-a-Service with immobility by Mingtong Zhang

ISBN: 9789090386072

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11 brand new ways of thinking about mobility.

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Non-Boring Mobility Innovations 2024

3 ratings
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